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Many Fort Lauderdale Area Adults Need Vision Correction

Numerous individuals need eyeglasses to wear all or part of the time, depending on the type of vision abnormality that is present in each eye. Statistics reveal that over 70% of South Florida adults wear eyeglasses throughout the day while approximately 10% of adults are able to wear contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses, then you should have a pair of eyeglasses to wear part of the time.

Vision Correction for Children or Teenagers

Many children or teenagers also must wear kids eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct visual acuity, and researchers believe that about 25% of children or teenagers will need eyeglasses to wear for close-up work or all of the time. If you wear eyeglasses, then it is more likely that your child will also need vision correction, so if you live in the Fort Lauderdale area, schedule eye exams for your kids on a routine basis.

When to Schedule Your Eye Exam

The health of your eyes is vitally important, but you may ignore visual problems until you are struggling to see the boats in the ocean along Fort Lauderdale beach. It’s true, the sun can be hard on your eyes, especially at mid-day and sundown when you are trying to see while driving home on I-95 or Las Olas Blvd. You should visit your Fort Lauderdale area optometrist at least once a year if you have vision problems and it all starts with an eye exam!

Signs of Vision Problems

Of course, it is possible for you or a child to develop vision problems after your yearly examination, and you should understand the signs of the vision problems that can occur with children or adults. Here are additional reasons for scheduling your eye exam sooner than later:

• Needing to squint to see things while reading
• Having problems seeing street signs
• Frequent headaches that aren’t caused by sinus infections
• Children or adults needing to sit too close to a television
• Your eyes feel itchy or you feel teary eyed
• Rubbing at the eyes to see things
• Your eyes feel dry all of the time
• Seeing dark spots or floaters
• Better visual acuity in one eye than the other
• Children having poor grades in school
• Pain in the eyes
• Noticing a cloudy surface on an eyeball
• Loss of vision in certain areas of the eye

These early signs of vision problems are often ignored, and you may try to buy cheap eyeglasses at an online store or a drugstore, but these are only used to magnify the size of the print in books or on a computer. Wearing these types of eyeglasses can often make your vision worse because the lenses aren’t customized for your vision problem or for each eye.

Customized Eye Exams

When you visit Fort Lauderdale optometrist Dr. Jackie Schwartz for a personal examination, she can determine if you have special issues, such as astigmatism. You might be nearsighted or farsighted, and as you get older, you are more likely to need some type of bifocal glasses. An examination of the eyes is an easy process that includes screening for glaucoma and checking the back of the eye for problems with the blood vessels. Visit our Fort Lauderdale eye care center for an exam.

Our optometrist can also look for other eye health issues, including cataracts. If you or a child needs vision correction, then you will receive a written prescription for the lenses of the eyeglasses. You can try on eyeglass frames until you find the ones that you want to order, and in many cases, your new eyeglasses will be ready right away at our on-site laboratory in Fort Lauderdale because of our technicians ability process your order immediately.

So yes, you should have your eyes examined…at World Eyeglasses!


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