No one likes visiting the doctor, but sometimes we neglect our eyes by assuming nothing is wrong. We can see okay, and that is what matters to decide if we experience any vision problems. 

However, the sooner you visit the eye doctor in Fort Lauderdale; the better off you will be by knowing about any issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 40 million people age 40 and over have some form of impairment. Out of this number, 8 million have an impairment that is not corrected. 

The best way to ensure you have good vision is to go to the eye doctor consistently and have an examination. The frequency depends on your age and other issues that decide when you should see an optometrist. We look at the different demographics and when you want to get an eye exam. 

Children Under 3 Years Old

Children under the age of three want to have an examination at least once a year or as directed. During this time, the child’s vision is developing, and the eye doctor in Fort Lauderdale can check to ensure everything is working fine. We look for common eye issues, such as cross-eyes, lazy eye, and misalignment. 

Up to the age of five, we will continue to watch the child’s vision and make sure the eyes are healthy. At this stage, we continue to check the alignment and monitor for changes in their vision. 

We will recommend how often you bring your child in for an examination to monitor their progress effectively. 

World Eyeglasses is locally owned and operated by Dr. Jackie Swartz, who is your eye doctor. We have been serving South Florida since 1995 and accept all forms of insurance. 

School-Age Children To Adolescents

Before your child starts Kindergarten, you want to check their vision to ensure everything is working correctly. Typically, most schools will also do routine exams on students to serve as a way of identifying any problems early. 

However, these exams are not comprehensive, and the best approach is to visit us at least once a year. We will look over everything and check for any common issues with their vision as your child grows up. You want to follow the recommended schedule for your child through high school. 

At World Eyeglasses, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we will beat the prices of our competitors. We have over 20 years of experience and will give you that personal attention you deserve.  

Ages 18 To 40

Between the ages of 18 to 40 is when our vision can change as the eye grows.  The light from the outside does not reach the back of the eyeball as well as in the past. These changes cause conditions, such as stigmatisms, far, and near sidedness to develop. 

Typically, you want to have your vision checked at least once a year to ensure nothing changes. During this stage, we begin looking for cataracts and conducting glaucoma tests. Most times, you have nothing to worry about, but the sooner we evaluate your situation, the less the chances of a complication. 

World Eyeglasses checks for all of the different conditions, including glaucoma, dry eyes, and molecular eye degeneration. We have affordable prices and will give you the highest quality care in South Florida. 

Age 40 And Up

You want to have an eye exam at least once a year or as recommended in this stage. We continue to check for things like glaucoma but may also prescribe corrective lenses or increase the strength of your glasses/contacts. 

As you get older, your vision will continue to change, and you want to be aware of any issues early. We evaluate what is happening, so you know of anything affecting your vision and the best ways to fix these issues. 

After you reach 60 years old, you want your vision checked twice a year to keep up with any changes. Your eyes could be affected by conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Routine checkups are the best way of ensuring that you can see correctly and adjust for any changes.  

World Eyeglasses treat various conditions, including cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, detached retina, low vision, and more. Dr. Schwartz is an expert in these conditions, and she can help you to see well. 

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