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Eye problems are not something that will go away but become progressively worse without treatment.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, you are not alone with your vision issues, as most people don’t go to the eye doctor. Nationwide 93 million people are vulnerable to reduced or the complete loss of their vision. One of the most significant reasons is not taking these situations seriously enough to schedule an eye exam.

We look at the most common warning signs when you should see an optometrist in Fort Lauderdale.

Detect Problems Early

Not receiving a regular eye exam will compound your vision problems and worsen your eyesight. You might think that your vision is fine and don’t see the point of frequent eye exams. However, an optometrist will examine your eyes and conduct a series of tests on depth perception, sharpness, movement, and alignment.

These tests help detect the changes in your vision and correct any issues before things become worse. Regular exams are one of the best ways to prevent conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts, molecular degeneration, and retinopathy.

We recommend getting an eye exam at least once a year or as directed by your optometrist. You want to stay ahead of things, and the best way to do this is to have consistent visits.

World Eyeglasses can help with our highly trained staff and friendly atmosphere to make you feel welcome. We understand the hesitancy about seeing your eye doctor and will make the process easy and stress-free.

You See Changes in Your Vision

Most people are unaware of changes in their vision and ignore the obvious signs of these shifts. Some of the most common include redness, draining, double vision, floaters, flashes of light, halos, and eye pain. All of these are subtle indicators that your vision is changing, and you should see an optometrist.

For example, if you constantly see halos in the light, you want to schedule an appointment. Halos can decrease your vision and cause your eyesight to become worse without treatment.

The faster you schedule an exam, the least likely any issues will become severe from early detection.

We recommend reaching out to us if you are experiencing any of these issues with your eyes. Everything appears normal, but any one or a combination of things could impact your vision.

At World Eyeglass, Dr. Schwartz has over 30 years of optometry experience and can help diagnose and treat your issues. We are the best at what we do and will help you see better with a comprehensive eye exam. Don’t let things become worse when you can take action now and address any issues early.

You have Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you want to have regular eye exams to check for changes in your vision and diabetic retinopathy. The condition is from high blood sugar levels in the blood vessels that place pressure on the retinas. Over time, this pressure increases, causing scarring on the retinas and the loss of vision.

You can prevent retinopathy with early detection and treatment to reverse the loss of vision. We found that changes to your lifestyle and eating habits with our recommended treatments will prevent your vision from worsening.

Diabetes also increases the chances you will have cataracts and glaucoma, which can reduce your vision. We recommend having an eye exam at least once a year if you have diabetes to protect your eye health and vision.

World Eyeglasses can help with our in-house lab and one-hour service on your prescription. You never have to wait and work with the best optometrist in Fort Lauderdale.

You are Becoming Older

As you and your family become older, we recommend a routine eye exam regardless of age. Your vision is constantly changing, and the best approach is to identify any issues early.

You want to have annual exams scheduled for everyone regularly. We recommend a yearly eye exam to ensure that no vision problems develop for you and your family.

World Eyeglasses accepts most forms of insurance and vision plans at affordable prices. We understand the costs of eye exams, contacts, and glasses in Fort Lauderdale. We will work with you to ensure that everyone receives the exams and assistance.

Don’t Let Your Vision Become Worse

These are some of the times when you want to see an optometrist and check your vision. Call World Eyeglasses today at 954-419-4681 and schedule your appointment with Dr. Schwartz.

We can help and are located on Northeast 62nd Street, near Berkshire Lauderdale by the Sea.


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