Kids Eyeglasses Back to School Special


Healthy eyes and comfortable, functional vision are essential for learning. The best place to start providing our kids with the best learning experience is with their sight.

Studies show that kids with poor uncorrected vision are less likely to achieve their full potential in the classroom. We take this very seriously here at World Eyeglasses Optical in Fort Lauderdale and want to help kids perform their best. We have therefore assembled two bundled eyeglass packages so parents can provide the best for their kids and save money too.

Package 1
Package 1 consists of:

Over 100 styles of trendy metal and smart Zyl kids frames to choose from.

Polycarbonate* Single Vision.

* Q. Why Polycarbonate?

A. Polycarbonate is recommended for children under the age of 18 because of its unique ability to resist impact and not to shatter. This material is structurally different from plastic and is similar to what is used on aircraft windshields and can take an impact and still remain in one piece. Thus, Polycarbonate is not only lightweight and thinner but is essential for those who engage in outdoor activities which may subject them to debris or projectiles such as rocks, sports items or the errant waving arms of other kids. These lenses provide the utmost protection.

Package 2
Package 2 consists of:

Same as Package 1 but covers 2 PAIR !!

You can choose two pair of equal value for ONE LOW PRICE!


Package 3
Package 3 consists of:             ($159.99)

All of package 1 PLUS a Blue Light Filter* and Anti Reflective Coating.

*Q What is a Blue Light Filter?

A. Blue light is the part of the light spectrum between 415nm and 455mn and is emitted by the sun, florescent lights as well as computer, tablet and mobile phone screens. The Blue Light Filter effectively blocks this light wavelength from entering our eyes.

*Q. Why is this important?

A. Studies indicate “Blue light” has been linked to several conditions including Macular degeneration, Cataracts and Sleep Pattern disruption as well as general eye fatigue. With our children spending much more time exposed to computers, tablets and phones, scientists and medical professionals are expressing growing concerns about the effects on young eyes as they age and recommend filtering out excessive blue light.


So come in and browse our great frame selection

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