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Some common eye injuries are minor and won’t require a visit to the eye doctor. Others are more serious and may need immediate attention. If you’ve recently injured your eye and you’re in doubt on what to do, it’s advised to see a doctor as soon as possible, as it may result in temporary or permanent vision loss. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Here, we share important facts on the most common eye injuries, so you know the appropriate steps to take when the time comes, and when to seek medical attention. Our resident optometrist at Fort Lauderdale World Eyeglasses has the training and expertise to treat the common eye injuries that you are unable to treat.

Scratches and Cuts 

Corneal abrasions, cuts or scratches that occur on the surface of the eye are very common eye injuries. This can be caused by many objects, including sticks, fingers, dirt, and even contacts. Cuts and scratches may be considered superficial, but can be very uncomfortable, and often leads to eye reddening, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light. Corneal abrasions generally heal on their own. After you have been scratched or cut, don’t rub your eye, or wear an eye patch, as it may create an environment for bacterial growth. Instead, loosely tape an eye shield over the eye. 

Cuts from tiny pieces of glass may pose a greater threat, and at that point, you should visit a doctor. You may also want to visit your eye doctor depending on the depth of the scratch/cut and if the object that scratched you was dirty, as this can lead to infections and possible vision loss. 

Chemical Burns 

Soap, shampoo, sunscreen, and makeup can easily get into the eye and cause pain. The good news is, these products only irritate the eye, and won’t cause permanent damage. Whenever this happens to you, it may help to simply flush your eyes with water. However, if dangerous chemicals entered your eyes, such as acids, which are often found in drain cleaners and ammonia, and alkalis from cleaners and fertilizers, you may need medical attention. Even though you can treat it by flushing out your eye for several minutes, this isn’t always a guarantee. There is always the possibility that it can result in serious eye damage or blindness. We at World Eyeglasses take eye safety very seriously, and we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why we advise that you visit a Fort Lauderdale Optometrist for an evaluation. 

Object Struck/Hit Your Eye

If an object, like a ball, hit your eye, you may not need to seek medical attention if the injury wasn’t significant. You can reduce pain and possible darkening/swelling by applying a cold compress to the eye, but don’t apply any pressure when doing so. If you don’t have a cold compress, use ice, but avoid using iced foods, because that can result in bacteria.  

Penetration by Foreign Object 

If a foreign object has penetrated the eye, this is a no-brainer: visit the emergency room immediately. Do not attempt to remove the object yourself, as this may lead to more serious damage. Don’t rub or touch your eye or rinse it with water. The only thing you should do after your cornea has been punctured is to cover the eye, preferably by securing a paper cup over it or an eye shield, and then seek medical attention. 

Visiting a Fort Lauderdale Optometrist 

As you can see, if the eye injury wasn’t serious, you can treat it on your own at home. However, if you were deeply cut, or you’re experiencing vision loss and severe pain, you shouldn’t hesitate to get medical attention. Other times to visit a doctor are when you’re experiencing double vision, swelling in the eye, or you’re experiencing some change in your vision. If you live in South Florida, visit our Fort Lauderdale optometrist to have your eyes properly evaluated and treated. You should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if chemicals, such as alkali entered your eye, and the pain didn’t go away after flushing the eye for 15 minutes. And of course, go to the ER if something has lodged into your eye.


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