In the event that you lose or break your prescription eyeglasses, waiting several days, or weeks for a replacement pair is simply not an option. Fort-lauderdale-eye-glasses-lab
World Eyeglasses offers our patients the convenience of an on-site eye lab.

At World Eyeglasses in Fort Lauderdale, we do our best to meet all of your routine eyecare needs at a single location. We perform eye and vision exams, glaucoma evaluations, contact lens fittings, and Lasik surgery evaluations. In addition, we diagnose and treat computer vision syndrome as well as manage various ocular diseases (e.g., pink eye, chalaza, styes, etc.). Furthermore, our in-house optical lab allows us to provide the majority of our patients with quality eyewear in about an hour. Our eye care center and optometry office is located on the northwest corner of N.E. 62nd St. and Federal Highway, right between the outback steakhouse and subway.

What Patients Can Expect from Our In-House Optical Eye Lab

Whether we are repairing your current pair of glasses or creating you a new pair altogether, at World Eyeglasses’s in-house optical lab, we use the highest quality products and the most innovative optometry equipment available.

Benefits Patients Receive with Our On-Site Eye Lab 

Providing our patients with an on-site eye lab ensures that they receive:

  • Individualized, high-quality service
  • Custom-designed, state-of-the-art solutions
  • Superior workmanship
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Reasonable pricing
  • We understand that some of our patients have grown accustomed to their current frames and only want a pair of new lenses: At World Eyeglasses’s on-site optical laboratory, we can change out the old lenses with a new pair, typically within an hour.


The Experienced Opticians at World Eyeglasses Make a Difference!
Since you wear your glasses continuously, they must fit well. Our experienced opticians are dedicated to helping patients’ by adjusting their glasses to ensure they fit comfortably: This is accomplished through a careful fine-tuning of each patient’s frame and nose piece.


An On-Site Eye Lab, Experienced Opticians and Dedicated Optometrists
We happily serve all members of the community, from young children to seasoned adults. Whether you have an appointment for an eye exam, would like assistance with choosing the frames that suit your facial features the best or just need replacement contact lenses, from the moment you enter our state-of-the-art facility, our staff is available to help you with all your eyecare needs.

World Eyeglasses has been serving Fort Lauderdale, and its surrounding communities for more than three decades. Our commitment to providing patients with individualized attention has served us well, setting us apart from many of the other optometry centers in our area.

If you need to schedule your annual eye exam, are considering Lasik surgery or have some type of ocular disease that requires attention, contact World Eyeglasses at 954-491-7141 to make an appointment with Dr. Jackie L Schwartz.

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Eye Glasses Made in our Lab

Over 30

Years Experience


High Quality Designer Frames


Satisfaction Guarantee!

World Eyeglasses has a fully functional optical laboratory with state-of-the- art equipment allowing us to fabricate 99% of our patient’s glasses on-site, thus reducing waiting time. Also, our trained opticians are extremely proficient in repairing frames and adjusting frames for a perfect fit.

fort-lauderdale-glasses-corinne-mccormackWe can get your glasses done in as little as ONE HOUR!  That’s right one hour.  Fort Lauderdale Eye exam appointmentWe’ve had customers in Florida for a cruise and lost their glasses. We created a new set of glasses and got them onto the ship and they got to ‘see’ a great vacation!



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