Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to schedule an appointment?

We take Walk-ins!  Although it is not always necessary to schedule an appointment it is recommended.

You can make an appointment, and then be sure fill in our online forms saving you time while you are here  (we offer Free Wi-Fi for you in our office)!

Q. What will happen during the appointment?

Your first visit with us is usually the longest and we leave the most time in our schedule for it. Please plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes early to complete any necessary registration forms.

We encourage you to fill out and print the forms from your printer prior to your arrival to save time.

You can make an appointment, and then be sure fill in our online forms saving you time while you are here.

Once your here, depending on the type of appointment, our team member will make sure everything goes smoothly, and as quickly as possible for you.

It is important that you will bring the following items:

  • Prior Vision records
  • Insurance information
  • Photo ID (such as driver’s license)
  • Physician referral if applicable

Q. Do I need to have my eyes examined every year?

If you wear soft or disposables contact lenses yes, it is important to have your eyes checked year to check for potential or existing problems or infections related to the wearing of contact lenses. For an eyeglass wearer it is not required that you get examined every year but is recommended that you do so the health of the eye can be maintained.

Q. What kind of eye exam do I get for $39.00?

Our $39.00 eye exam is a full comprehensive eye exam. We start the exam with a computerized reading of your visual acuity using a machine called an auto-refractometer, followed by fundus photography (taking pictures of the retina) to check for ocular health. We perform a full manual refraction, as well as a tonometry (eye pressure check) and slit lamp evaluation to check for any eye lid or corneal deficiencies.

Q. Why is a contact lens exam more expensive?

A contact lens exam consists of a full comprehensive exam as well as a contact lens fitting to ensure that the contacts you are getting will be the ones best suited for you. It also consists of follow up visits if you have any trouble with the way the lenses are fitting or if you are not comfortable with your vision.

Q. What is the difference between on optometrist and an ophthalmologist?

Optometrists specialize in checking the eyes overall health and refractive errors (need for glasses), as well as inspect the eye for disease and other ocular problems, where ophthalmologists specialize in surgery and treatment of eye diseases.

Q. Do you accept Insurance?

We proudly work with many insurance companies.

Check out the complete list of Insurances we currently accept. (If we don’t accept yours yet, Call our Office 954-491-7141 and we will see if we can accept it!)

Q. What is the typical cost of a pair of glasses?

This is a very broad question without a definitive answer. There are a lot of components that go into the cost of the glasses such as, what type of frame you would like, what type of lens you want, what material should the lens be made from, and what added features and coatings you want. Our prices range from as little as $29.00 and they go up from there.

Q. How long will it take to get my glasses?

Look at your watch!  Now wait about an hour. Yep you read that right, we can have your custom prescription glasses ready for you to wear in as little as 1 hour! (An additional fee my apply for 1 hour eyeglasses)

We have in Fort Lauderdale, that we think is the best!

Q. What’s the difference between line bifocals and progressives?

Lined bifocals have a visible line for the near focusing section where progressives have no line and slowly get stronger until you reach your full reading power.

Q. What’s the difference between progressive and transitions?

Progressive is a no line bifocal where transitions is a feature to a lens that makes them get darker outdoors and lighter indoors.

Q. Can I get prescription Sunglasses?

You bet! We can give you a “Custom” look, with different colored lenses (tint), and can even give you mirrored custom lenses!

Do you want you your name brand sunglasses like RayBan, Gucci, or Oakley to have your personal prescription lenses? WE CAN DO THAT!
Just Call our Office 954-491-7141 Remember most glasses can be ready in 1 hour!


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