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Eyeglass Lens Options Fort Lauderdale

All eyeglass frames are available with a variety of advanced lens technologies, including Varilux Progressive and Zeiss Progressive Lenses. Both of these manufacturers offer state-of-the-art lens technology and we make these world class lenses available to you our Fort Lauderdale area customer.

We use the highest quality lens materials and our lenses are costed with anti-reflective, scratch resistant and other coating treatments.

The type of lenses you select have a major impact on the quality of your vision and how much you enjoy your glasses. This is why we offer so many state of the art types of lenses in our Fort Lauderdale eyeglass center.

Here are Some of the Eyeglass Lens Types We Offer:

● Varilux Physio 360 – Unique Progressive Lenses
● Varilux Ellipse 360 – Progressive Lens for Small Frames
● Varilux Liberty – Progressive Lens for long time Bi/ Trifocal Wearers
● Varilux Progressive (Invisible) Lenses
● Varilux 1.74 Thin and Lite High Index Lens
● Varilux Transitions – Lenses That Change Colors
● Varilux Polarized Lenses from World Eyeglasses
● Varilux Crizal Anti – Reflective Treatment
● Varilux Crizal Avancé with Scotchguard Zeiss Access Computer Lenses
● Zeiss Business Lens from World Eyeglasses
● Zeiss Claret Plastic Single Vision Lenses
● Zeiss Gradal Individual / Short I Premium Progressive Lenses
● Zeiss Gradel Brevity Progressive Lens for Small Eyeglass Frames
● Zeiss Gradal RD – Lenses engineered for Room Distance
● Zeiss Gradal Top – Premium Progressive Lens for Presbyopia
● Zeiss GT2 Progressive Lenses for Total Aberration Control
● Zeiss SOLA Compact ULTRA for Ultra Small Eyeglass Frames

Types of Materials Eyeglass Lenses are Made of Include:

● Hard Resin (plastic)
● Lighter, Thinner High Index Lenses
● Lenses that Darken in the Sun
● Polycarbonate
● Glass Lenses
Zeiss lens Fort Lauderdale
Check back here for more information on lens designs, fabrication and optional coatings.

Remember – You can try on eyeglass frames in World Eyeglasses “Eyewear Gallery” whenever you are near our office in East Fort Lauderdale. Customers from Wilton Manors to Lauderdale–by–the–Sea come to us for their lenses and frames – try us – you’d love us too!

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