Contact lense fitting at our Fort Lauderdale optometrist office

Where Can You Get Contact Lenses in Fort Lauderdale?

Did you know the first contact lenses were invented in Switzerland in 1887? They were made of glass, which of course made them much more uncomfortable and hard to fit compared to the plethora of contact lense options at our Fort Lauderdale eye care center today.

Contact lenses are a fantastic option for those who would prefer not to not wear traditional eye glasses but who need a prescription to see optimally. While they do cost more than traditional eyeglasses, they are much less than Lasik or other surgery options. The only real downside is maintenance.

What are the Types of Contact Lenses?
There are a number of types of lenses available from daily wear to extended wear, hard lenses to soft lenses, multifocal to monovision and more. We support all types of lenses here at our Fort Lauderdale eye care office, so it is best to meet with our optometrist, optometrist Dr. Jackie Schwartz to determine which are best for you.

Who’s the Best Optometrist in Fort Lauderdale?
Dr. Schwartz is highly experienced at fitting the most simple to the the most advanced specialty contact lenses, including multifocal contacts for seeing both far near, RGP contacts for corneal keratoconus and toric lenses for astigmatism.
Dr Schwartz is available to meet with you to evaluate your eyes, provide an eye exam and discuss your visual needs with you after which she will prescribe the best fit for you whether they be disposable, daily or extended wear contacts. She will also show you how to maintain your contacts properly.

Maintaining Your Contacts
The key to contacts lasting longer is to keep them well lubricated and cleansed. It is also very important to wash your hands properly before handling your lenses to avoid eye infection. This is what they created disposable contacts – because many people are too busy to maintain their contacts properly.

Why is it so important to properly maintain your contacts? When you where them too long or don’t clean them properly or don’t replace them in a timely fashion ( if they are disposable – typically after 4 – 6 weeks ) you can damage your eyes permanently For instance, if you decide to go out for the night to Himmarshee Village for fun and dancing and decide to stay at a friends and you don’t have your case, cleanser and drops with you, then you have a problem.
Storing contacts can be an issue as well. Of course you always need to store your contacts in a sterile container. They dry out easily so it is critical to keep them well lubricated. The only way to do that of course is with drops – without which, there’s a problem. You are traveling and you forget your case, it can be problem.

But here at World Eyeglasses, we’re here to prevent your problems and assist you with choosing and maintaining the right contacts for your active lifestyle. Drop by, click or call our optometry office for an appointment today with Dr. Schwartz at (954) 491-7141.


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