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Many people stare at a computer screen several hours a day for work. When they aren’t on their computer, people pass the time playing games on their phone, tablet or watching TV. Eventually, this can put a strain on your eyes. This form of eye fatigue has many names, but it is commonly known as computer eye strain. Extended computer use cannot lead to permanent damage, but it can cause uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches, blurred vision, and a feeling of dryness. You can purchase Fort Lauderdale glasses that are specifically designed to protect your eyes against blue light. Visit World Eyeglasses and we can help you select the right frames for your face shape. In addition to that, try these eye exercises at work to relieve tired eyes.


One effective exercise is called palming, where you take the palms of your hands and press them against your closed eyes for a few minutes. You probably do this exercise all the time without realizing how beneficial it is. Before placing your palms over your eyes, rub them together for a few seconds to warm them up. The heat will help relax your eyes as you rest them for a few minutes.


Many people blink significantly less while working on the computer. A lack of blinking contributes to computer eye strain by drying out your eyes, causing scratchiness. As a result, it is important to blink normally while performing tasks on the computer. This can be challenging because it’s easy to get absorbed in a task and not remember the last time you blinked. Nevertheless, do your best to blink and keep your eyes well lubricated.  

Roll your eyes

This exercise, which feels like an ocular massage, can also help lubricate your eyes. All you have to do is close your eyelids and then roll your eyes as you normally would when they are open. If you struggle to keep your eyelids shut, gently place your fingertips over them. Do this for a few minutes to relieve eye strain and lubricate your eyes.

Focus shift

While sitting at your desk, take a moment to challenge your focus. You can begin by following these steps:

  • Hold your pointer finger out a few inches away from your face.
  • Concentrate on your finger, then slowly move it a few more inches away from your face.
  • Look away from the finger, into the distance.
  • Refocus on your finger and bring it back to its original position.
  • Look away, focus on something in the distance.
  • Repeat

Do this a few times to strengthen your eyes and to help adjust your vision to objects that are both near and far.

Look Away From The Screen

Take a short break from your work to focus on something other than your computer screen. Look away for 20 seconds, one minute tops, before returning to your work. Try to do it every 20 minutes to relax your eyes. You’ll be surprised how much your eyes need that break from the screen.


With your eyes closed, glance up as far as possible, hold for a minute, and then look down. Repeat a few times. You can squeeze your eyes tight if it’s difficult to keep them closed. You can also glance to the left, hold for a minute, and then glance to the right. Then repeat a few times. Try both methods and choose whichever motion feels most comfortable.

Figure Eights

You don’t have to be a skater to make perfect figure eights. While sitting at your desk, find a point on the floor several feet ahead of you and trace figure eights with your eyes. Do this for a few seconds and then switch directions. Repeat a few times.

See a Fort Lauderdale Optometrist

While this isn’t an exercise you can do at work, one of the best ways to protect your vision is to schedule regular appointments with your optometrist. When you stop into World Eyeglasses for your Fort Lauderdale glasses, make sure to see Dr. Jackie Schwartz for a necessary eye exam. Call 954-419-4681 to schedule an appointment.


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