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Think you’re the only one among your peers to wear glasses? Well, you might be a rarity in your friend circle, but that certainly isn’t true if you widen your outlook. In fact, according to the Vision Council, almost 75% of the world’s adults use some sort of vision correcting assistance. Almost 65% of those adults wear eyeglasses, and 10% wear contact lenses exclusively or with eyeglasses.

So it is safe to say that with that big majority of people wearing eyeglasses, the optical industry has been made a huge part of the commercial world and made a diverging part of the fashion industry too. Today, you will see most of your favorite celebrities wearing eyeglasses either to achieve that nerdy look or plainly because they need it. But the question is, how do they determine which eyeglasses frames suit them the best?

Well, clearly, they have stylists and professionals working for them to determine just the. No wonder whatever eyeglasses frames they pull out on the red carpet become an instant head-turner because it looks that good. Cue pictures of Pharrell Williams wearing a gazillion of different eyeglasses frames and looking dapper as ever.

So for regular folks like us, who never find something flattering, here is a list of Fort Lauderdale world eyeglasses frames for different face shapes. These are bound to help you in finding the best eyeglasses frames as per your face cut. Have a look!

  • The Thin & Round for a Squared Face Shape

If you think that the iconic Harry Potter frames will ever go out of style, then you are wrong. In fact, not only are these thin, round eyeglasses frame evergreen, but they are best suited for people with a squared face shape. Yes, there is a reason why they look so good on Daniel Radcliffe because thin, round frames accentuate features of squared face contours.

  • The Navy Cat Eye for a Small, Heart Face Shape

Known best for the 90’s Hollywood era, the navy cat eye is not only best for sunshades, but a great eyeglasses frame too. Extremely flattering for people that have small, heart-shaped face cuts – these eyeglasses frames highlight the widened face structure giving it a lifted look. You can even choose between a broader frame or a squared one as per your preference and an individual heart-shaped face cut.

  • The Thick, Dark & Rectangular for a Rounded Face Shape

Rounded face shapes are considered the most regular amongst people. Mainly because none of the facial contours or the bone structure are doing much to heighten the face shape. Hence, something like a thick, dark, and rectangular eyeglasses frame is perfect for a rounded face shape. Whether you have a small round face or more of an oblong, these eyeglasses frames will give it a much-needed structure.

  • The Classic Cat Eye for a Longer Rounded Face Shape

As we discussed above, rounded face shapes are the most regular, so no wonder we have a second option for this face shape that works just as best if not more – the classic cat-eye. The classic cat-eye is a classic evergreen style of eyeglasses frames that have never gone out of style and probably never will. So if you are willing to invest in a branded, quality eyeglasses frame, this is your green light to do so.  

  • The Bold & Angular for a Diamond Face Shape

One of the most underrated face shapes, a diamond face shape, mostly goes unnoticed unless you have one. This shape is determined as a diamond because of a narrower forehead and chin yet a broader cheekbone. This makes many eyeglasses frames quite bulgy on the face, even if they are tiny and thin. So what you do is that you swap the small for big. Yes! Contrary to popular understanding, a bold and angular frame works best for a diamond face shape.

  • The Oversized, Statement Pieces for Anyone Who Dares To Wear Them

Lastly, if you are really the daredevil who doesn’t care what works or not as long as it works for you and makes you happy, then this choice is for you. The oversized, statement eyeglasses frames are all the rage these days and can be worn by almost anyone who dares to wear them. Give it a try for yourself, and don’t shy away if you like the statement piece as it is made for someone like you only.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days where you would try on a hundred different eyeglasses frames only to settle for the first one. Now that you know which frameworks for which face shape, you can ask for a particular eyeglasses frame shape that will suit your distinguished face cut. At World Eyeglasses, we have a full-service eye care center and lab offering prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and exams to our customers throughout the greater Fort Lauderdale area. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our nearest Fort Lauderdale World Eyeglasses facility, or contact us at 954-419-4681 to book your visit today!


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