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World Eyeglasses: State-of-the-Art Lens Crafters

World Eyeglasses: State-of-the-Art Lens Crafters
World Eyeglasses' highly skilled opticians are well-versed in all the latest lens technologies to take advantage of the most advanced materials and fabrication options available.
Link to the section below for more detail on the following topics:
Lens Materials
Lens Designs
Optional Lens Treatments
Vision Safety Notice

Make sure you consider all the options before ordering your next set of prescription eyeglasses. There have been marvelous improvements in lens materials and lens designs, many of which didn't even exist a year or two ago.


Lens Materials

Hard Resin (plastic):
Hard ResinConventional hard resin lenses for eyeglasses are half the weight of glass lenses and can be tinted to almost any color and density. Hard resin lenses are more easily scratched than glass but can have an optional scratch protection applied. More impact resistant than glass, hard resin lenses do not require heat treating.

Lighter, Thinner High Index Lenses:
Lighter Thinner LensesModern technology has created prescription eyeglass lenses that bend light differently so that stronger corrections are thinner than when made in conventional materials. Such lenses are called "high index" and stronger corrections are more attractive because they are slimmer. Glass lenses are also available with the slimming advantages of High index but are considerably heavier high index plastic uses less material so they are often lighter in weight High index lenses also absorb all harmful UV light and can be tinted to any shade or color.

Lenses that Darken in the Sun:
Lenses That darken in the sunPhotosensitive lenses are lenses that darken as you go from indoors to outdoors They are available in both glass and lightweight hard resin. They darken to a moderate shade of grey. Ask for a demonstration of photosensitive lenses to see if they are a good choice for your next set of eyeglasses.

PolycarbonateThese are the most impact resistant lenses available and are commonly the lens of choice for young people and active patients who wear corrective glasses. Polycarbonate lenses are high index and are usually produce the lightest, most comfortable eyeglasses. They absorb all harmful UV light and can be made with ultra thin edges because of their unique strength.

GlassFor years glass was the only lens material available for prescription glasses, and glass still offers superior optics.While it is the most scratch-resistant material, the primary disadvantage of glass is its weight, generally twice that of hard resin. Glass lenses are heat or chemically treated to increase impact resistance.

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Lens Designs

Single Vision Lenses:
Single Vision LensesSingle vision lenses function as all purpose eyeglasses for persons who have normal vision correction needs. Persons who normally wear bifocals or trifocals can use single vision for distance or near lenses. Single vision lenses can also function as occupational glasses for certain types of work and are available in all lens materials.

Aspheric Lenses:
A more recent invention, aspheric lenses provide special visual and cosmetic benefits for stronger corrections and increase edge-to-edge clarity. Flatter than conventional lenses, aspherics eliminate the "bulgy" appearance of strong plus lenses (far-sighted corrections) and greatly enhance the appearance of finished eyewear. Individuals with strong nearsighted corrections also benefit from thinner, lighter weight glasses when their lenses are aspheric. Because aspheric lenses are positioned closer to the face, there is less eye magnification with farsighted corrections and less of a "small eyes" effect with nearsighted corrections. Aspheric lenses are often made of high index materials for the ultimate in thin lenses.

Flat Top Bifocals:
Flat top 

bifocalThis is the most popular bifocal form and is available with the bifocal portion made in a variety of widths to help with various close-up activities. Flat top bifocals are made in every type of lens material.

Franklin Style Bifocals:
Frnklin style bifocalSometimes preferred by those who need a wide field of vision for near work (accountants, for example), Franklin style bifocals have a distinctive appearance and are thicker because of their design. They are generally only available in glass, hard resin and photochromic glass. They are commonly replaced by wide Flat Top bifocals.

TrifocalsTrifocals come in a variety of designs. Flat-top trifocals are the most widely used form. The added segment provides clear vision at arm's length distance, the area that is usually bluffed for bifocal wearers. Trifocals are available in all lens materials.

Progressives or No Line Bifocals:
progressive (no line bifocals)Progressive lenses provide all the benefits of bifocals but add the feature of continuous clear vision at all distances, including mid-range distance (arm's length). Progressives have the cosmetic advantage of appearing to be single vision lenses so they never reveal the user wears bifocals. Progressives are available in all lens materials and also made in aspheric form. Because of their many benefits, they are becoming the lens of choice for bifocal and trifocal prescription eyeglass wearers.

Occupational Requirements:
occupational requirementsMany occupations impose challenging visual requirements on those who wear bifocal or trifocal prescription eyeglasses. Special occupational designs are available to solve these special needs. If the visual requirements of your job fall into this category, let us know and we'll explain what will work best for your individual needs.

Sports Glasses:
sports glassesAll sorts of special lens designs are available for the special needs of sports enthusiasts. Polycarbonate is usually the material of choice for active sports.

Computer Glasses:
computer glassesThere are a variety of eyeglass options for those who use computers. These include special filters and anti-reflection coatings.

Polarized Lenses:
polarized sun lensesPolarized sunglasses eliminate reflected glare and greatly improve vision. They are especially appropriate for drivers, fisherman, hunters and all types of outdoors sports and activities.

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Optional Lens Treatments

Scratch Protection Coating:
scratch protectionLight weight hard resin lenses can be more easily scratched than glass lenses. Special coatings have been developed to help protect lenses from normal scratching. The modest additional cost for such scratch protection coating is usually a prudent investment.

UV Protection:
uv protectionUltraviolet rays in sunlight pose potential harm to the eyes, but now there are a variety of special treatments available for hard resin lenses that completely block hazardous UV light. Lenses like polycarbonate and high index include built-in UV protection at no extra cost.

Anti Reflection Coatings:
antireflection coatingsSpecial anti-reflective coatings are now available for prescription eyeglass lenses, much like those used for fine camera lenses. These coatings are particularly effective for reducing eye fatigue for computer operators and anyone driving at night. And, of course, AR lenses enhance appearance by eliminating distracting reflections.

These are by no means the only lenses available. By telling the World Eyeglasses team of any unusual work or leisure visual requirements, we can tailor exactly the right lenses for all your visual needs.

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Vision Safety Notice
Vision safety is everyone's responsibility! When selecting eyewear, keep these safety factors in mind and be sure to discuss your safety needs with Dr. Enker and the friendly staff at World Eyeglasses:

  • The type and style of the spectacle frame is an important factor in determining how much protection your eyeglasses will provide. Many frames are designed for appearance - not for protection.

  • While federal law requires all lenses to meet a standard of impact resistance, lenses used in dress eyewear are not required to meet as rigorous a standard for impact resistance as lenses used in safety or sports spectacles. Of all the materials that lenses can be made from, polycarbonate is the most impact resistant.

  • Lenses are not unbreakable or shatterproof. They can break into sharp pieces that can cause serious injury to the eye, or blindness. Even if the lenses do not break, the frame can break or distort and cause serious eye injury.

  • The continued impact resistance of your lenses depends on how well you protect them from physical shocks and abuse. For your own protection, scratched or pitted glass lenses should be replaced immediately.

  • If your occupational or recreational activities expose you to severe risk of flying objects or physical impacts, your eye safety may require special safety spectacles with safety lenses, side shields, goggles and/or a full face shield.

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