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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

We’ve been customers of America’s Best and Eyeglass World and had no complaints, but a friend recommended Dr. Enker at World Eyeglasses and I’m delighted we switched. World Eyeglasses is a small, friendly eye center in Fort Lauderdale with an excellent selection of eyewear and glasses and an optician onsite. And Dr. Enker is an experienced eye doctor with a great no-nonsense approach. My husband and I had our contact lens exams and chose our new eye glasses frames in half the time we expected. And for half what we expected to pay!
Date of Posting: 07 March 2010
Posted By: Thomas Blue
I recommend dr. gary enker at world eye glasses because contact lenses exam was fast and cheap. I wear contact lenses and the exam is usually alot more expensive. But the price was great and I got my contact lenses the same day. Plus I needed prescription eyeglasses and they have a good selection glasses frames.
Date of Posting: 30 January 2010
Posted By: Jennifer Newman
The eye doctor at world eyeglasses is great for fast, cheap eye exams and cool discount eyeglasses. I thought id end up at a eyeglass outlet chain like for eyes but dr. enker’s prices are lowest. The staff there is nice too and helped me choose radical new glasses frames.
Date of Posting: 17 December 2009
Posted By: Deanna Morreno
I was looking for eyeglasses pompano beach. found world eyeglasses in north ft. lauderdale and there great. fast, cheap eye exams and great selection of glasses frames, lots of discount eyeglasses. eyes exam and choosing frames only took 1 hour. also got contact lenses same day, even tho i’m blind as a bat.
Date of Posting: 01 November 2009
Posted By: Steve Lopez
In need of new eyewear and a contact lens exam, I made appointments for my husband and myself at Dr. Enker’s eye center in Fort Lauderdale: World Eyeglasses. Since moving to Florida in 2004, we’d frequented two other opticians, but Dr. Enker came highly recommended. We were very impressed. He does an exceptionally efficient eye exam, has an optician on site, a friendly staff, and an excellent array of eyeglass frames and brands of contact lenses.
Date of Posting: 16 July 2009
Posted By: Anna Freeman
I needed an eye exam and cheap glasses frames but I didnt like the last place I went in pompano. researched eye doctors in fort lauderdale and discount eyeglasses stores and found World Eyeglasses . Best discount eye glasses frames and cheap eye exams. Everyone there is nice and it was fast too.
Date of Posting: 09 July 2009
Posted By: Brittnie Chavez
I ended up at Dr. Enker’s eye center in fort Lauderdale after checking out a few other vision stores, including Lenscrafters, Vision Works and Four Eyes. I really like Dr. Enker and his staff. It’s nice to go to a neighborhood optometrist instead of a big chain like Vision Works. The selection of eyeglasses frames at World Eyeglasses is excellent and they have the best cheap eye exams around. And talk about fast. In an hour, I had an eye exam and chose my eyeglass frames, and they were ready in a couple of days. I’ll never buy glasses from another eyeglass shop again.
Date of Posting: 04 December 2008
Posted By: Petter Jefferson
If you want to find great glasses in Fort Lauderdale, go to World Eyeglasses. They’re nice, fast and inexpensive, and the best selection of eye glasses frames in Fort Lauderdale . Dr. Enker’s eye exam is super quick… I was in and out, including choosing new eyeglasses frames, in about an hour!
Date of Posting: 11 October 2008
Posted By: Jerry Franko
I needed an eye exam and new eye glasses, but I didn’t like the last eyeglass shop I used, and I’m on a tight budget. I researched eye doctors in Fort Lauderdale and discount eyeglasses stores and found World Eyeglasses. Not only do they have cheap eye exams, they also have a great selection of discount eye glasses frames. And I really like Dr. Enker and his staff. I had my glasses in a few days, including my prescription sunglasses. I’m recommending World Eyeglasses to everyone I talk to.
Date of Posting: 08 September 2008
Posted By: Lisa Lee
I strongly recommend Dr. Gary Enker at World Eyeglasses for fast, quality, cheap eye exams plus great customer service, and a huge selection of designer eyewear in Fort Lauderdale. I compared World Eyeglasses to Vision Works and Four Eyes, and Dr. Enker’s prices were the best. I’ve had eye exams in the past that took forever, but World Eyeglasses had me in and out in less than an hour. And my new eyeglasses frames and prescription sunglasses are gorgeous.
Date of Posting: 15 June 2007
Posted By: Beverly Brown

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Dr. Gary Enker, O.D.

Optometric Physician,
Over 20,000 Eye Exams & 10,000 Contact Lens Fits,
Since 1991

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